Exploring the Boundaries of Form and Texture through 3D-Printed Sculpture.

Assembling "Pine Stone" Six Petal Sculpture

Artist Statement

My sculptures are a celebration of the interplay between the precision of digital design and the organic beauty of the natural world. Using 3D printing technology, I am able to explore the limitless possibilities of this innovative medium, creating sculptures that are at once mesmerizing and conceptually rich, while immersing them in stunning transitions of vibrant colors. When creating my sculptures, I am drawn to the complex and intricate forms found in nature, from the sweeping curves of a seashell to the angular lines of a leaf. With the precision and expressiveness of 3D printing, I am able to create sculptures that seamlessly blend the geometric and the organic, challenging the viewer's perceptions of form and texture.

The genesis of my artistic style can be traced back to the groundbreaking genre of geometric paper sculptures, pioneered by visionary artists like Matt Shlian and Anna Kruhelska. Their transformative approach to manipulating paper into intricate, captivating forms served as a profound inspiration as I embarked on my artistic journey within the realm of 3D printing. By fusing the geometric forms of paper art with innovative organic forms and vibrant ombre color gradients, a creative vision emerged that truly came to life.

Innovation is a hallmark of my artistic style. Utilizing durable eco-friendly materials and innovative assembly techniques, my sculptures attain exceptional durability, negating the requirement for a shadowbox display. This liberates my artworks to exist freely, inviting viewers to fully engage with their captivating three-dimensional beauty.

Through my work, I explore themes such as the relationship between nature and technology, the limits of human perception, and the possibilities of innovation and progress. I am fascinated by the interplay of light and texture, and I strive to create sculptures that draw the viewer in and invite them to explore the creative possibilities of this cutting-edge medium.

Ultimately, my sculptures are a testament to the potential of technology and the power of creativity. They celebrate the beauty of the natural world while pushing the boundaries of what is possible in art. I hope that they inspire others to explore the creative possibilities of 3D printing and to see the world in a new and exciting way.